Kym Klein

Kym Klein Kym K.
Kym K.

Tennessee born and bred, Kym Klein brings a southern sweetness and nurturing approach to her teaching style.

With enthusiasm to squeeze the most out of each and every moment, Kym’s energy is contagious. She believes in the invigorating power that yoga offers the mind, body, and spirit. She believes finding that connection helps create vitality, increasing will power, and the capacity to bear stress.

Kym’s passion for yoga stems from her competitive dance background. She found yoga in 2003 while pausing her dance career to become a mother to two girls. She began experimenting with various styles of the practice, beginning with Sivananda, and broadening her knowledge by studying Vinyasa, Hatha, and Bikram. Vinyasa flow felt like home as it has a dance-like sensibility that was so familiar. In her class students will feel the importance of integrating the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga while mindfully synchronizing breath and movement.

Kym prides herself on making her classes accessible for everyone. She offers a slow and deep practice for beginners, yet challenging to even the most advanced students. Kym has a mission to create space for her students to find freedom and resonance in their bodies and lives.

Expect to leave her class feeling stronger, more flexible, balanced, and most importantly, uplifted!

Instagram: @kymberlyklein