Jessica Chin Fong

Jessica Chin Fong Jessica F.
Jessica F.

Jessica’s classes are fun inspirational and full of heart. Her soothing voice will make you relax but don’t be fooled, you may find yourself happily persuaded into trying (and getting) that pose you once thought was impossible.

Her classes are all about challenging our perceived limits so expect to be encouraged to grow. But don’t be afraid to bring in your friends because she offers options to suit all levels of yogis! Her main goal is to make you have a great time because everything else will happen on its own.

Jessica’s passion for yoga was recognized by Lululemon Athletica when she was invited to be an Ambassador for their brand in 2013.

When not teaching yoga, Jessica enjoys speaking Spanglish, drinking Matcha, working out and practicing yoga (of course).

Instagram: @jess_chinfong