Hot Fusion Flow™ is a hot yoga class designed to open the body through an enjoyable, yet sweat-inducing sequence followed by cooling floor poses and ending in relaxation. Expect safe adjustments and inspirational narrative. Class is always set to music; so, get ready to find your Zen while listening to rad tunes.

Great for beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis
Temperature (96°-99°).


This class incorporates our signature Fusion Flow sequence at a slower pace. It is dedicated to students looking to understand the basics of the practice, students nursing an injury, and experienced students looking to slow down their mind and focus on the fundamentals.

Great for beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis
Temperature (78°).


Follow the Yogi is a crowd favorite. The music is loud and the vibe is high. This class is a minimal instruction flow, therefore, students are required to have a general understanding of the poses and to be familiar with our signature Hot Fusion Flow™.

Great for beginners (who have taken at least 10 classes), intermediate and advanced yogis
Temperature (96°-99°).


Core60 is a high intensity, low impact, workout fused with Pilates movements. Core60 is performed on a yoga mat in a room heated to 95 degrees and 40% humidity. It tones the muscles, builds strength and burns fat — all without the pounding of a high impact workout.

Great for everybody
Temperature (95°).


This class breaks down inversions, arm balances, and deep back bends. It is ideal for yogis ready to take their practice to the next level. Warm up with a minimum instruction flow. Expect observation, discussion, and posture clinics targeting intermediate and advanced poses.
Temperature (96°-99°).


Ages 4-10. During this class, we focus on a creating a fun environment where children can concentrate on movement, social skills, and relaxation techniques. There is both individual and group encouragement with work around breathing, posture, meditation, and fun games.
Class is non-heated.


Ages 8-14. This class is specially designed for kids who are too old for our Kid’s Yoga class yet not ready for our signature Hot Fusion Flow™ class. It helps students release excess energy, promote empowerment, and teach peace during these stressful pre-teenage years.
Class is non-heated.


Prenatal yoga is designed to reduce the discomforts that come with pregnancy in a nurturing and supportive environment. It differs from our Hot Fusion Flow™ as our Prenatal classes are held in a non-heated room, move at a gentler pace, and incorporate modifications to accommodate you and your growing baby.
Class is non-heated.